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Meet the Team

Garrett Kelly

Garrett Kelly

Founder & Managing Partner

Garrett specializes in strategy, operations, people, and risk. As the Head of Operations at Swimply he led CS, TNS, and Insurance while establishing OKRs, KPIs, core values, performance management, and roadmap prioritization. At AirBnB, Garrett led a 500+ ops team’s product, process, and people strategies.

Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen

Founder & Managing Partner

Ha has 22 years of deep expertise in building and scaling startups and venture investing. Ha was most recently the Chief Experiences Officer at Swimply and a Founding Partner of Spero Ventures. Ha also has 16 years of product leadership experience, having started her early career as a PM at eBay.


We Put People At Our Center.

Our Values

People First

We make people feel valued. We empower others. We recognize and celebrate team contributions and effort. 

Build Trust

We lead with heart and authenticity. We show up and hold ourselves accountable. We deliver feedback with candor and kindness. We act with integrity.

Design for Joy

We laugh and have fun. We strive to make people feel better after leaving a room with us. We design joyful experiences for customers and employees.

Be Bold and Curious

We seek to understand. We apply first principles thinking. We address root cause problems, not symptoms. We strive to get 1% better every day.

Create Win-Wins

We are in service to our founders. We consider all stakeholders in our decisions. We strive to create real value and meaningful impact.

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