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Take the NextStep toward


Strategic clarity

Operational excellence

People first leadership

High performing teams

Sustained growth

A successful exit

What’s the most important step founders can take? The Next One.

We are NextStep Advisors LLC and we exist to help early stage founders become master company builders, operators, and people leaders. Regardless of the challenges founders face, we work to ensure their NextStep is the right one.

What We Deliver

Strategy and Planning

Your business strategy should clearly define the end state you’re trying to achieve, how you intend to create enduring enterprise value, and the path required to get there. It is the foundation from which organizations set goals, organize teams, and prioritize resources. We help drive strategic clarity by facilitation leadership off-sites, annual planning cycles, and goal setting workshops. We ensure the metrics, priorities, and roadmaps align with your high level vision to ensure your entire organization is humming to the same tune.


Operational Excellence

We design and implement effective operating models that align teams around outcomes, track progress over time, and drive impact, efficiency, and accountability. The goal is to institutionalize habits that scale while perfectly balancing accuracy and velocity. Examples include gap analysis, maturity modeling, roadmap prioritization, initiative sizing and sequencing, quarterly goal audits, monthly performance reviews, metrics reporting and tracking, project management best practices, and executive meeting facilitation.

Executive Coaching

We coach leaders on how to align and motivate teams, create a culture of performance and accountability, deftly navigate rapid change, be strategic thinkers and tactical operators, embrace rapid fire change, manage expectations from a multitude of stakeholders, and do all of this while communicating with clarity. Our approach is to ask questions that inspire deep thought and share healthy perspectives that challenge assumptions so our clients can realize their potential and make the most informed decisions possible.

Client Testimonials 

“Working with Garrett and Ha was an accelerant for our business! It was invaluable to have someone with Garrett’s direct operational experience available to develop our operations, design frameworks, and elevate our entire team’s capabilities. Garrett scaled his knowledge of our business in record time and was able to provide contributions across the business – from the macro (strategy, pricing) to the micro (building sales process protocols). Garrett is also incredibly easy to work with; he always went above and beyond and was highly adaptable amidst changing targets and was always targeted, efficient, and effective with his work.”

David Wei

VP of Operations and Finance, SolarKal

“NextStep has been invaluable thought partners in helping us build our marketplace. Ha has an extraordinary Silicon Valley network and made intros to investors, advisors and marketplace experts that have helped us along our journey. Garrett helped expedite our time-to-market by helping us get clear on strategy, targets, operating discipline, product priorities and the right roles to hire for. They are a world-class combo and I give them my highest endorsement. If you are a founder looking to build and scale your companies, you would be extremely lucky to have them in your court.”

Aaron Lieberman

Founder & CEO , Buzze

“I’m so grateful to have been able to work with Ha and Garrett. I felt it from afar but then experienced it first hand – they both perfectly balance high level strategic guidance with tactical advice so founders/operators can go ahead and take their insights to drive implementation with rapid speed. I so admire their ability to provide high level guidance while rolling their sleeves up and getting in the weeds with us!”

Audrey Wisch

Co-Founder and CEO, Curious Cardinals

How We Support

Fractional Consulting

If you’re missing a COO or a VP of Business Operations, we can fill this role and join your leadership team in a fractional or interim capacity. We can develop department strategies, execute plans, own deliverables, manage teams, and report on progress and outcomes. Why hire us? We’re proven executives that bring decades of relevant experience and expertise to growing and scaling startups.




As advisors, our goal is to help you achieve company objectives through strategy articulation and influencing day-to-day operations. A typical engagement will include weekly meetings to advise on strategy, business operations, organizational structure, fundraising strategy, and investor relations. We also offer executive coaching, and deliver manager workshops & trainings. 

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Let’s take the NextStep, together.